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Keep Going

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Have you ever questioned why you set out on a certain journey? Have you ever been disheartened? What do you do in those moments?

For me, the transition to broadcasting has been a rough road at times. I'm finding my feet, and loving so much of what I do, but it's also hard.

Waking up at 3.30am is hard (plus the struggling social life that comes from being desperately tired by 8pm, even on weekends!). It's hard figuring out how to balance everything that is expected of me in this new role whilst also keeping healthy boundaries.

There are the general challenges associated with being part of a small start-up team trying to do an enormous job, and there are other challenges specific to our context. It can be quite demoralising.

What keeps you persevering past the obstacles in your path?

Moments like these keep me going.

"I think I was meant to find your radio station," the woman said softly. She stood with a nervous smile in the middle of our studio as we poured her a cup of tea. 

Penelope had written to my co-host and I after we discussed self-love on our breakfast show, sharing her battle with feeling worthless and how the turning point came after she rediscovered God. We'd invited her to the studio to tell her story for broadcast.

And now, here she was. "God led me to you," Penelope said. "I was just twisting the dial in my car and stumbled across your station. I've been listening and loving it ever since." She paused. "I should tell you, though, I'm not Adventist. Is that OK?"

"Of course it's OK!" we reassured her. Inside, we were jubilant. OK?! This was exactly what we had been praying for! Our radio station is not supposed to be merely entertainment for those inside our church; it's supposed to be relevant and inspirational for people of other backgrounds.

I felt like Penny's appearance was a wink from God: "Yes, people are listening. They appreciate your content. I am using you, in spite of the times you get frustrated or overwhelmed."

Because God knows I've been frustrated and overwhelmed at times.

Yet, every time I question this path, every time I'm so tired I wonder how long I can last at this pace, every time I inwardly grind my teeth -- God reminds me that He put me here on purpose and this is where He wants me to be.

Because I still find joy in the middle of the craziness and the rough road of transition.

My heart lifts with hope every time a listener tells us how much they enjoy our show, or that they heard something they needed at just the right time, or that somehow they discovered Adventist Radio London and they keep coming back.

I feel reassured by unexpected affirmation through unexpected channels.

I am passionate about hearing people's stories of courage, faith, adventure, miracles, love, and struggle, whether we're interviewing recording artists or the girl next door. I delight in digging into deep and meaningful content and conversations. I am touched when tears are shed in our studio as our guests recount their hardest or most beautiful life experiences and moments with God.

Besides, God is challenging my perspective on success. Typically, Christians love to talk about the parables of the lost sheep or the lost coin -- how God goes out looking for that one estranged person He loves. We dwell on how Jesus would have sacrificed Himself for just one person.

Then, how do we often go and measure success? By numbers. Engagement, hits, likes, views, listeners, baptisms.

Instead, God has been asking me to value the one. Just like He does.

It's not all about numbers.

It's about that one person who was meant to hear me today, whether or not they let me know how it affected them. It's about that one person who was inspired by something we shared. It's about that one person who looks at God and faith a little differently because of the stories we pass on.

That's what keeps me going.

"With so much going for us, my dear, dear friends, stand your ground. And don't hold back. Throw yourselves into the work of the Master, confident that nothing you do for Him is a waste of time or effort." (1 Cor 15:58 The Message)

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